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Happy Home Mailer

The Happy Home Mailer
Work from Home,
Posting Advertising Material
Easily make $100 or more a week
All Advertising Material supplied
Each Happy Home Mailer will receive $90 from each new client that answers the advertisement in The Newspaper.
All you have to do is post the information and the Advertising Material.
You can also use your friends Flyers and your own, and it will cost you nothing. !!!
Postage is free!
A Profit of a $100 or more can be made each week, easily
Great for the Disabled
And stay at home Mums

Make Our Business, Your Business !
And Make a Rewarding income

Good Luck,

Hello, we have a new Advertising Business, for Businesses that is free to you!

This Business is for people looking for a casual income, work from home, and even the disabled can do it

They post Advertising Leaflets to each other, and charge a small fee to let the person interested know how to run the business.

The person interested mails a A4 Return Stamped Envelope with their address on it, and the Happy Home Mailer, mails them the Advertising Leaflets and how to run the business

R.SP.C.A (Animal welfare and other Charities benefit and so do the small income people)

As I said the Distribution of the Business leaflets is free, as this is the main part of our Business.....

The Happy Home Mailer would be glad to use your service, as the Business relies on letter box drops to advertise the Business....

Small and Large Businesses that want to Advertise for FREE !

Business is in the process, not running at the moment.....

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