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Electronic Smokes

Give Us our Smokes Back, you Bastards ?

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Can you help me
I've got no smokes
And I'm broke as can be

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Show some hospitality
Can I have some
Smokes on credit
I haven't got a cent on me

Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way
Smokes on credit
Till I get paid
Mr. shopkeeper
You've made my day
Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way

You have more than enough
I'll pay you back
When I get paid
So show some hospitality
Then I'll be on my way!

Bad Karma, Negatvity, hating you job, hating your Mrs, your life
your kids and self hatred is what causes all these Cancers and bad
Karma The Government are just after the revenue, they don't give
Rats Ass about your Health.
Smoking is a Peace pipe
Get rid of all the Negative issues above and it will be a better
World and a Healthier longer life.

People are well and truly over worked, over Taxed and Underpaid,
thats why we are overweight, sick and getting cancer and all sorts
of illnesses and diseases.

E-Cigarettes | E-Cigs | E-Liquid | Totally Wicked Eliquid

You will need 6 mg for a 25 a day Smoker of Nicotine 12 mg for a 50 a day Smoker of Nicot

Best to Stock up , as their are about 3 weeks for postage, and you certainly do not want to run out of stock, or your paying a fortune for your smokes, About 70 Smokes a day will cost about $20 a week, so you will save a fortune, They have plenty of smoke, and are very satisfying also, no withdrawals.....You will need.......1 Start up Kit, 4 Battery leads and may be if heavy smoker and extra battery charger? Have 2 on the go.? caps for the Atomizer Box of mouthpieces, 3 Batteries , for about 3 months supply, if you smoke heavy, better buy 6, Atomizers, last about a week and a half if you are a heavy smoker, 70 a day, or a month, Universal plug, (2 if a Heavy smoker) K Mart, Car charger, If you have a burning taste, you need a new mouthpiece, but they can last for quite some time, Get Totally Wicked on Skype and talk to them UK time.

Sometimes, the liquid is too thick for the Electronic Smokes, You may need 70VG/30PG Any thicker could wear your Electronic Smoke out quicker....?

For more details visit us at

Half price, tobacco Liquid

U Buet Electronic Smokes Cheap $10 week/25 a day

7pm Australian time is 10am UK time for totally wicked Contact them by Skype

Susan Carrier of Carina, Brisbane, Australia Recommended you! Tell them and I get $10 off my Smokes !

      I found the atomisers, for a heavy smoker, last 3 days, so you need to buy , by the box save on postage

      A battery lasts a heavy smoker 3 months, each battery....You need at least 2, for when one is charging?

      May need, at least two, wall adaptors

      At least two, and some for spares and cables.

      The double thread adaptor and some tanks you could use.

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