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Here is a example of my work, chanelled by god. These works will only work for you if you pay for them.

Clairvoyants Manual

The New Age Bible, Channeled by God (Alisa)

Haunted Houses, Getting Rid of Demons, Help the Possessed, Undoing Spells, Protection from Spells, What to say before you do a Reading to get to a Higher Level, How to get some body to Read you from a Distance, and still have Respect in tack. Warriors, How to Pray, How to make your Dreams Come true in Love and Career. Crystals. Meditation. Cleansing Tecniques for Home and Body. Ect Every Thing you need to Know to become a Great Medium (Psychic)

Clairvoyants Manual, channelled by God (Aliza)

Package, Clairvoyant Manual and The New Age Bible, the Story both books as a package
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The New Age Bible, the Story

You work out God, his Angles and all those Psychics for your self through my life Story

The New Age Bible, the Story

Emailed to you 5 days a week, 5 pages a day till the book is at the end

Keep your mind off your problems and read mine?

Your work out God and the Guardian Angles for your self and all those Psychics through my life story, How I tried to pull off a Steam Engine for cars, and Gain a Music contract, and my Spirititual Relation ship that has lasted over 25 yrs Living in a Haunted House and killers after me "Nutty Christians" "Don't beleive me just watch !"

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Protection From The Dark Side

Channeled by God (Alisa)

Undoing Spells, and protection from Spells, The Possessed, How to Pray. Protection From Demons.

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A Mothers Tale

The Story by Charmaine Mother

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