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LIVE PSYCHIC READINGS – Only $1.97 Per Minute.

In Brisbane? Face to Face Psychic Readings Available – Bookings Essential.

One of Australia's Leading Psychics !

Susan Carrier is a well-known Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher, who is regularly sort after by the Media. She can give you accurate psychic readings from Guardian Angles on your relationships, career, pets, passed loved ones, wealth and your health.

Also 99% of the time she can predict what you do for a career or tell you what you really should be doing for a career.

Pensioners Discounts

I Choose to be an Honest Psychic !

My Guardian Angels said, - Would you like to be a Psychic that gives them what they want to hear? And make money..... Or be an honest Psychic and make no money- But Alisa (God) will make you "The One" I choose to be an honest Psychic.....

Too many of my Clients are sick and I have to turn them away....You must not be depressed for the past couple of days , as their will be no energies Very relaxed, that means no walking dog, cleaning house, work, mowing the lawn , and shopping ect And well fed and not tired... This is why so many Psychics give poor Psychic readings and basically try to get away with it... If you want a really decent reading, make sure the above is taken care of, and give me a call... If it don't work out, you can call me back, no problems...

If you are a Psychic that makes money, and gives them basically what they want to hear You will have to pay them all back, when you pass over...cheers !

Wolfs in white sheet clothing !

So many Psychics do the wrong thing and cast "Spells" They will eventually pay for it, and be sorry...Everyone should protect themselves. I do this for a small fee, every day for you. Please check my info...

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